Jerry Wagner

Jerome Wagner

Clinical psychologist, therapist, supervisor, consultant in private practice
location of Speaker: USAUnited States of America

Jerome Wagner, PhD is a clinical psychologist, therapist, supervisor, consultant in private practice, and emeritus faculty member in the Department of psychology and the institute of pastoral Studies at Loyola university, Chicago. He is the author of Nine Lenses on the World: The Enneagram Perspective; The Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles: An Introductory Guide (both available through amazon); and the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales, a validated enneagram inventory ( Jerry has been researching and teaching the enneagram for over 40 years and has offered the Enneagram Spectrum Training and Certification Program nationally and internationally for the past 20 years ( Jerry has been on the board of Directors of the International Enneagram Association, was co-editor of the Enneagram Journal, and was named an honorary founder of the IEA. He was the keynote speaker for the 2010 IEA Global Conference, the IEA China 2013 Conference, the IEA European 2017 Conference, and the IEA China 2019 Conference.

Enneagram styles and three approaches to change: Behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic

There are various therapeutic interventions designed to bring about change. This presentation will feature three approaches—each from a different tradition: behavioral, cognitive, and psychodynamic. It will take an excavation/failure approach to transformation. Start with surface behavior and, if that doesn’t work, dig deeper into cognitive schemas, and then further down into cyclical recurring childhood patterns. We’ll look at how classical and operant conditioning operate with each Enneagram style. What cues our behavior and what maintains it? What is each type doing? We’ll look at adaptive and maladaptive schemas for each type. What are the clarifying and distorting lenses we look through? What is each type thinking? Finally, what are the cyclical relational patterns we learn when we’re young that we keep creatively repeating? And how does each Enneagram style subconsciously recruit accomplices to keep their drama going? How is each type relating? The irony is the very strategies we develop to prevent us from being humiliated and hurt in the past, are the preconceptions and behaviors that bring about the very situation we’re trying to avoid. Hopefully, these awarenesses themselves will initiate change.

Clous Roager

Claus Roager

Consultant - Personal and organisation development with The Enneagram and owner of Enneagramstedet
location of Speaker: DenmarkDenmark

Claus Roager is one of Denmark's most well-known teacher within the Enneagram. With more than 16 years of experience, Claus has been one of the absolute largest contributors to the Enneagram today being widely known in companies in Denmark. Claus has taught more than 125,000 people in the Enneagram in Denmark and abroad. With his great teaching experience, Claus has built up his very own style. A style based on high speed and great personal commitment. The form is interactive, present, empathetic, humorous, motivating and confrontational - but always with great respect for the individual. Claus is known for his vast knowledge of people in the workplaces and in family life. His live teaching is filled with exciting stories from reality that give a very clear picture of the types in everyday life. In business, Claus has +20 years of experience in management and sales and today runs his own school, the Enneagramstedet, which he founded in 2012.

The Enneagram & Sales – Because hard business needs more humanity!

The primary reason to get the deal, is NOT to be a super seller!
It is by far more your human talent to create a trustworthy, empathic and respectful connection to the client. Sales in the "old days" was about convincing the client to buy whatever you had - but it doesn´t work in the long run and most likely not in the future market.
My experience (+20 years in sales and nearly 20 years in corporate Enneagram training) is, that it does not work like that anymore. Study shows that up to 55% of your success rate is only related to one thing?
"How much does your customer like and thrust you - as a person?"
In this workshop you will be given theory, practical tips & tricks so you can be more successful in getting the deal - because in the end, we have ALL something to sell (communication or products). And my hope is that your business can grow with more knowledge about the combination Enneagram AND Sales.


Adelaida Harrison Lafuente

Enneagram Author, Teacher, Coach and Consultant Mexico
location of Speaker: mexicoMexico

Author of the book: Anatomy of the EGO, the Neuroscienice behind the Enneagram. Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Organizational Development using the Enneagram. Co-founder of The Enneagram Coaching Center Mexico, only IEA Accredited Enneagram School in Mexico since 2012. Senior member of The Enneagram in Business Network and trained by Ginger Lapid-Bogda.

Has a weekly Specializad Enneagram Radio Show, with a 150,000 audience, where Andrea Vargas and her, talk about the Enneagram in a creative and easy way, so people can understand it.

Has developed different systems of application of the Enneagram to schools, families and general public.

Facebook: Eneagrama conocete
Twitter: ConoceteMVS

Anatomy of the EGO: The Neuroscience behind the Enneagram

Discover how the ego takes over the essence. Learn the Neuroscience behind the Enneagram. I will share my view of how your ego shaped your brain to ensure survival when you were a kid. Did you know that reality is not how your brain draws it? Or that the brain prefers to be right rather than happy? Using the work of scientists like Dan Siegel, Carol Dweck, Antonio Damasio, Bruce Litpon and Daniel Golleman, we can support and explain the Enneagram theory from the Neurocogntive and biological point of view. Understand what happens when your personality takes over, so you can deactivate the ego and take control of your life; and how the Enneagram literally remodels the brain/mind so that you stop surviving and start living.

Casper Oelofsen

Angela Deutschmann

Personal Growth Specialist and Leadership Practitioner
location of Speaker: mexicoSouth Africa

In her private practice - The Joy Studio - Angela Deutschmann works with meditation, poetry, shadow work and the Enneagram to offer joy, rather than suffering, as a way to navigate life. She is also a Senior Associate at Lockstep where she co-facilitates leadership retreats, coaches senior clients and heads up the Lockstep Enneagram offering. Angela’s first career steps were in academia, with the Wits Institute of Social and Economic Research, before joining the NPO sector with CIDA City Campus and Common Purpose. She then moved into senior corporate roles in Black Economic Empowerment and Corporate Social Responsibility with Investec and Hollard. Angela left the corporate world at age 29 to devote herself full-time to building her own practice of intimate and cutting-edge personal development with the intent on building bridges between doing and being; performance and presence.

The Enneagram and Paradox - crossing the bridge from dualistic to quantum thinking

The next stage of human evolution will require more than just cleverness, innovation and compassion - it will require us to get beyond duality consciousness all together. The Enneagram can be a bridge between a polarised approach and a quantum one. It leads us to the essential paradox at the heart of a matter and, with the courage to sit there, we transform. I will speak to how I use the Enneagram to collapse the paradox between the professional and the personal (my corporate work), within close relationships (my parenting and couples work) and in particular between the small mind and Divine mind (my meditation work). In this workshop we will also identify and play with a personal paradox.

Anne Ravn Gronholt

Anne Ravn Grønholt

Founder and CEO of Motivation Management
location of Speaker: mexicoDenmark

Anne Ravn Grønholt graduated in 2002 and has been a certified master coach since 2010. Anne is the founder and director of the company Motivation Management, which she has been running for more than 10 years. Her company consults to corporate organisations within the realms of motivation, employee and management development. Anne is one of the leading experts in the field of Motivation Management, with over 20 years’ experience. Her first book Start BEING, Stop DOING will be published in May of this year.

How to BE more and DO less

Anne will offer a holistic essence and understanding of the Motivation Management and Leadership style, which includes a new way of using the Enneagram. Through a combination of theoretical concepts and experiential exercises, Anne will guide us through a greater understanding of insights and tools applicable to strategic, tactical and operational aspects of any business which are relevant to the business, the leadership, the teams and the employees of the business.

Anne Robie Deni Tato

Anne Robie

Senior VP of People, TurnItIn
location of Speaker: United States of AmericaUnited States of America

Anne Robie, has been practicing the art of maximizing human potential for over 20 years. She is a seasoned HR executive, coach and facilitator and has experience working in diverse corporate environments as an internal leader and external consultant. Anne is passionate about the people needs of a business, believing the people perspective is the key to realizing organizational opportunity. She discovered the Enneagram 3 years ago and has been impressed with its ability to help individual growth and team performance.

Deni Tato

President, Corporate Consciousness
location of Speaker: United States of AmericaUnited States of America

Deni Tato works with Fortune 500 companies and organizations both large and small. Deni helps people remove barriers to their success and find new paths to creativity, useful change, growth and profitability. Deni discovered the transformative potential of the Enneagram in 2005. As a result, she knew she was meant to share this knowledge with the corporate community and other entrepreneurs. Prior to Corporate Consciousness, Deni was founder and CEO of Contract Interiors, one of Greater Cincinnati’s largest commercial furniture dealerships for 23 years.

Scaling From the Inside Out – building partnerships with your customers to extend your reach and deepen consciousness

In this session, Anne and Deni will discuss their personal experience of working together within an organization - one an external consultant, the other a member of the HR team - to scale the reach of the consultant while meeting the needs of a large organization. Delegates will learn how to partner and train internal resources and leave with the basics of an intro to Enneagram session appropriate for the corporate environment. Delegates are invited to come with a beginner’s mind to learn and experience, while sharing their own stories of partnership within the companies they serve.

Bill Price

Bill Price

CEO of Global Africa Institute of Leading
CEO President of the International Executive Institute of Coaching and Mentoring
location of Speaker: United States of AmericaSouth Africa

Bill is a recipient of a Honary PHD for 24 years of Empowerment coaching and mentoring of top leadership and Royalty in the 32 Anglo African Countries. His academic PHD is based on integrative wholistic executive coaching with African executives in a Global perspective within an African Context. He is the national Moderator of the bespoke Coaching and Mentoring Professional Body COMENSA. Bill co designed the National COMENSA Coaching Behavioural Standards Framework. He also served on the global co development team of the International Association of Coaching USA to design the international Coaching Masteries. Bill is a strategic Sage that guides Executive Leaders and their Teams to achieve their personal and business summits in their lifetime. He designs profile questionnaires based on the 21st Century competencies to keep personal measurement relevant and up to date. Being an International Neuroscience Practitioner Master Executive coach he measures the Brain overview of executives, using his world first Brain Kaleidoscope ™ Tool. He observes how the leadership make decisions in real-time terms in a world other than personality types. He studied the Enneagram with Father Richard Rhor from a spirituality perspective and completed a course in South Africa. Bill is a member of the International Futurist group in the UK, FORESIGHT. He watches trends unfolding in leadership, spirituality, entrepreneurship, customer service and evolving coaching in Africa. He is married to Estelle for 46 interesting years and is a proud grandfather of 4 fully alive fully aware grandchildren. Bill loves hiking, reading, great movies, going to gym and a good glass of red wine.

Neuroscience the "Dos programme" of any personality Type

Learn how the brain works to create responses to the external contexts in people’s lives. Watch in awe as to how your brain profile can add huge value in your enneagram work with clients. Discover how the brain integrates and weaves the information using its energy and intelligences to create responses to contexts and reality as it is interpreted by itself. Watch how the brain filters, distorts, generalises and deletes millions of bits of information. Discover how each and every behaviour is a “give-away” to every internal collated response in real-time. You too can become aware to the signals and behaviours of your clients beyond the “fluff” of Personality. Walk away with a plan of action to improve your connection skills and competencies in your coaching and therapy business.

Brian Chinsamy

Brian Chinsamy

Director at Leap Leadership and Learning
location of Speaker: United States of AmericaSouth Africa

Brian Chinsamy is an executive coach, a leadership and organizational learning specialist, who works with teams and individuals who want to realise their potential by co-creating solutions that meet their business needs. Brian has been involved over the last 30 years in public education, both as a professional and an education activist, in the parastatals and corporates. Brian's experience across South Africa and Africa combined with his skills in performance consulting and team effectiveness brings a fresh look at organisations wanting to improve their business results through their people His coaching services are designed to help leaders get the outcomes they want in their work by recognising and utilising their individual strengths and accepting and constantly working on their development areas. Awareness through self-observations, expanding the coachees capacity to learn and self-correct and change of behaviour through practices are key components of the coaching approach.

Professional Enneagram Application in Africa

Having facilitated almost 600 Enneagram debriefs in various financial services organizations across the African continent, Brian has collected post-debrief empirical data which he will share with delegates in the session. The findings of this research will reflect on how the Enneagram has helped to change the organisational culture from silo operations to a more integrated style and approach; and the extent to which this change has been sustainable and what impact it has had on business. Brian will also share insights from the cultural nuances of applying the Enneagram across the African continent.

Speaker Profile Pic

Casper Oelofsen

Director Mindfulleadership
location of Speaker FlagSouth Africa

Casper Oelofsen is an experienced executive business coach and thinking partner to clients in a variety of sectors and countries. He is an entrepreneur, strategist, consultant, public speaker and facilitator. He is a founder of a variety of successful enterprises over the past 25 years (Capitec Bank Ltd and Cash Crusaders). His deep inside knowledge and experience of what it is to be at the coal face of business and leadership sets him apart as an effective, pragmatic coach with an uncanny ability to get to the bottom of his clients’ needs and opportunities. Casper has a Bachelors in Economic Science Degree + Post Grad Diploma is the design of Mindfulness Based Interventions. He has presented at various International Enneagram Conferences (Helsinki, Copenhagen, Amsterdam) and has Professional Enneagram Trainer status - International Enneagram Association (IEA).

Thrive in Complexity through The Enneagram and Mindfulness

Consciousness, performance, awareness, and quality thinking is dependent on being in the present moment, in the “now”. However, we are constantly distracted from the now into the future, past and other common external stressors. Enneagram Types have different habitual reactions to distractions. When we cultivate the ability to be less distracted, we also build resilience, become smarter and more able to engage with our Enneagram Lines of Integration. The presentation draws on personal experience and teaching mindfulness-based applications to executives in the corporate environment. Delegates will gain insight on how The Enneagram guides our consciousness and awareness in complexity.

Speaker Profile Pic

Christopher Chang-Duffet

Developmental and Transformation Coach, Humaxis, Inc.
location of Speaker FlagCanada

Christopher is a co-founder of Humaxis, a business design and leadership performance consultancy. He is an accredited Integral™ Master Coach, with Integral Coaching Canada, and is accredited with the International Coaching Federation. He holds a Masters in Business Administration.
First exposed to the Enneagram in 2006 through ontological training, he began the deliberate study of the Enneagram as a component of the Integral Coaching Methodology. From this initial study, he has been deepening his personal practice of the Enneagram with the study of psychology and the practical implications it holds for individual and organizational development.
His primary focus is in helping clients, through coaching, how to lead enterprise transformation programs as a human-centric discipline. His personality is highly reflective, paints with bold colours, and shares passionately.

Three Essential Values of the Enneagram

The triad is foundational to the Enneagram with three centres of intelligence, three instinctual variants, three interaction and conflict styles. So why is our relationship to values not represented more explicitly and in unity with this principle, or Law of Three? Together, we will explore how values have evolved across recorded history, what neuroscience suggests to us about the origin and evolution of values in the human experience; we will also dig into the practical implications of mapping essential values to Type Structures, as we get on the Enneagram Mat and explore our own embodied value orientations interactively.

Speaker Profile Pic

Christy Kennedy

Founder of Culture Conscious
location of Speaker FlagUnited States of America

I started Culture Conscious ( as a vehicle for individuals and corporations to harness the power of humanity in the workplace. Building on 17 years of experience as a researcher, facilitator, and coach for the world’s largest brands, and powered by a deep understanding of the Enneagram, I offer my Fortune 500 clients and their teams a path to self-clarity, increased empathy, meaningful relationships, and better performance – both in and out of the office.
Put simply, I help people uncover their true selves, connect deeply with their teammates, and transform the cultures they work in. Better teams, better cultures, better results.

Integrative Intelligence — Changing What It Means To Be Human

We all have a dominant lens through which we view and experience the world – the Head Center (thinking), the Heart Center (relating) or the Gut Center (sensing). This lens determines how we take in, make sense of, and express information. During this session, Culture Expert Christy Kennedy will share her unique perspective as a researcher, motivation expert, and cancer survivor to give delegates a taste of full-body problem-solving through noticing and utilizing all three Centers of Intelligence.

Speaker Profile Pic

Deborah Egerton

President and Founder, Trinity Transition Consultants, LLC
location of Speaker FlagUnited States of America

As the founder of Trinity Transition Consultants, Llc Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton is an internationally respected psychotherapist with a diverse professional background. A dynamic speaker, business consultant, Executive coach and Enneagram Master Teacher, Deborah offers an alternative path to “doing what you’ve always done and getting the same unsatisfying result”. Deborah teaches the Enneagram as an integral component in the mechanism of healing across differences in the many dimensions of our human diversity. "Bigotry and bias inflict wounds that are difficult to heal. When left unattended these wounds fester causing pain in the individuals leading to seemingly unrepairable devastation to the fabric of our society”. Deborah pioneered the development of “The Platinum Connection, building bridges across differences"; and has launched the Enneagram Healing Humanity Collaborative bringing the Enneagram to homeless shelters and communities that work with men and women who are marginalized.

The Enneagram: Enemy of Implicit Bias

We have come to discover that implicit bias is something that lurks in the background of our consciousness. Try as we may to deny its existence, implicit bias is there whether we choose to own it or not. When we surface our implicit biases, we can engage our Enneagram work to help release the hold that this destructive subconscious force has on us as individuals. In this session, delegates will explore the ubiquitous nature of “automatic advantage” vs “outrageous indignity” as experienced by the 9 Enneagram archetypes. Through a series of experiential activities, individual reflection and group discussion, delegates will explore the healing strengths, paralyzing blocks and destructive challenges inherent in surfacing the implicit bias for each Enneagram type.

Speaker Profile Pic

Diane Ring

Executive Coach, Integrative Enneagram Solutions Faculty
location of Speaker FlagUnited States of America

Diane owns Ring Results, an Austin, TX based leadership development and executive coaching firm. Her dynamic career reflects 26 years of business and coaching accomplishments serving top executives and their teams from small, private businesses to global, publicly traded Fortune 1000 companies. She is an accredited IEA professional member, holds a certificate in the foundations of NeuroLeadership, coaching certifications in several adult development assessments and is a North American faculty member for Integrative Enneagram Solutions. She is passionate about helping people to anticipate, decode and quickly adapt to a complex and rapidly changing world.

The Art and Science of Developing Conscious and Effective Teams

What does it take to build a cohesive and effective team that is agile, innovative and equipped to grow quickly in today's ever-changing business climate? In this session, delegates will learn about how one of Inc. Magazine’s “Inc. 5000” list of America’s fastest-growing private companies has been using the Enneagram along with neuroscience-based mindfulness practices to develop their leadership team to support their rapid growth. While there is not one recipe for successful teamwork, Diane will offer a framework of the insightful role the Enneagram combined with practical consciousness practices can play in working with high achieving teams.

Speaker Profile Pic Speaker Profile Pic

Irina Karopa

Coaching and Enneagram trainer, gestalt therapist
location of Speaker FlagRussia

Internationally certified Master Trainer of NLP, Gestalt-therapist, Enneagram Trainer. Internationally certified Master Coach. Professional member of International Coach and Trainer Association (ICTA). Co-founder and trainer in the training company "Vektor Rosta" (Moscow),
The pioneer and one of the leading trainers of Enneagram and Coaching in the Russian speaking area, conducting trainings and professional certification courses on Enneagram, Transformational Coaching, NLP and group therapy since 2006. Has translated into Russian several books on Enneagram including C. Naranjo's "Character and Neurosis".
One of the pioneers in the sphere of professional online teaching. Together with her husband and co-trainer Egor Karopa was first to introduce professional online teaching courses on Enneagram and Coaching in the Russian language.

Egor Karopa

Coaching and Enneagram trainer, gestalt therapist
location of Speaker FlagRussia

Internationally certified Master Trainer of NLP, Gestalt-therapist, Enneagram Trainer. Internationally certified Master Coach. Professional member of International Coach and Trainer Association (ICTA). Co-founder and trainer in the training company "Vektor Rosta" (Moscow),
The pioneer and one of the leading trainers of Enneagram and Coaching in the Russian speaking area, conducting trainings and professional certification courses on Enneagram, Transformational Coaching, NLP and group therapy since 2006.
One of the pioneers in the sphere of professional online teaching. Together with his wife and co-trainer Irina Karopa was first to introduce professional online teaching courses on Enneagram and Coaching in the Russian language.

Core neurotic conflicts of the Enneatypes

Millennials will make up nearly 75% of the working world by 2020. It is imperative that leaders from all generations are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully bridge the multi-generational gap. In this session, delegates will learn the different values and perspectives of different generations and explore how the growing majority millennial generation lives and works differently. Through the lens of the Enneagram, delegates will discover how a person’s generation affects how they see the world and will learn to draw the empathy needed for both millennials and non-millennials to truly understand ourselves and each other.

Speaker Profile Pic Speaker Profile Pic

Valerie Lebouteiller

Founder of Hékasia Life and Corporate Coach Trainer and HR Consultant
location of Speaker FlagFrance

Valerie Lebouteiller is an expert in communication and has a keen interest in the study of human behavior within organizations. She is a Professional Certified coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) She carries out training for organizations in the fields of professional efficiency - change management and personal development; leadership development, team management and performance, managing difficult personalities, professional development, career change, taking on new positions and public speaking. As a trained coach, a specialist in NLP and Enneagram and systemics, her clients include managers of businesses. She coaches teams, particularly in successfully managing change: team building, team performance and talent development, notably in the context of mergers and restructuring. She has many years of experience in international businesses as Customer Care Manager and Management & Sales Trainer. She lived, studied and worked in multicultural environment in Berlin, Great Britain and Sweden. She is fluent in English and German.

Ghislaine Robinson

Associate Consultant Hékasia Executive and Team Coach – Trainer – Lecturer
location of Speaker FlagBelgium

Ghislaine Robinson has over 20 years of experience in Politics, Communications, Human Resources and Teaching in businesses and European politics. She is very well-travelled (more than half of her life spent abroad, notably lived in Cape Town for 6 years) and therefore used to multicultural environments.
She is a Professional Certified coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
As an Executive coach, she accompanies clients in their leadership development, team management and performance, managing difficult personalities, professional development, career change, taking on new positions, public speaking
As a Team coach, she deals with change management, team building, team performance and talent development, notably in the context of mergers and restructuring. As a Trainer, she develops programmes are based on the latest research in neuroscience (Neuro-cognitive and Behavioural Approach).

The Enneagram and Neuroscience

Strengthening our self-awareness and identifying how our three centres of intelligence – mind/body/heart - impact our interpersonal dynamics, through the combination of the Enneagram and Neuroscience. In this session, delegates will learn how the different approaches of the Enneagram and Neuroscience are complementary and mutually enriching for personal development and well-being, opening the door to a higher level of self-consciousness.

Speaker Profile Pic

Hayden Lee

Founder and Head Coach of Hayden Lee Coaching International.
location of Speaker FlagUnited States of America

Hayden Lee is an ICF-certified and MCC credentialed Executive Leadership Coach. Seen as an industry expert and chosen as one of the “Top 20 Best Life Coaches in Los Angeles”, Hayden works with high achieving, highly motivated, and highly committed executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to make the “vertical shift” needed for exponential growth in their personal and professional lives.
He has coached leaders from Fortune 500 and Forbes 500 companies. He is one of the coaching faculty of Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP). As a highly sought-after speaker and facilitator, he has spoken at or led trainings at TEDx, UC Berkeley, National Association of Asian American Professionals, Nielsen company, CAUSE, and many more.

The Millenneagram: How Millennials Live & Work In Our Rapidly Changing World

Millennials will make up nearly 75% of the working world by 2020. It is imperative that leaders from all generations are equipped with the knowledge and skills to successfully bridge the multi-generational gap. In this session, delegates will learn the different values and perspectives of different generations and explore how the growing majority millennial generation lives and works differently. Through the lens of the Enneagram, delegates will discover how a person’s generation affects how they see the world and will learn to draw the empathy needed for both millennials and non-millennials to truly understand ourselves and each other.

Speaker Profile Pic Speaker Profile Pic

Hilary Langford

Owner & Principal Consultant at ‘Oliver & Langford Organizational Consultants’
location of Speaker FlagAustralia

Hilary Langford (Accredited Teacher in the Narrative Tradition and IEA Professional Member) has also gained Enneagram accreditations with Jerry Wagner, Ginger Lapid-Bogda, and Margaret Smith. She has trained with many international Enneagram leaders, including Peter O’Hanrahan, Mario Sikora and others. She has presented at two IEA Conferences in the USA, one in South Africa, and two Gestalt Conferences in Australia. She was an Administrator for Enneagram Daily for three years, a Closed Facebook site for Enneagram enthusiasts. As an Organizational Consultant for over 30 years, she uses the Enneagram in her professional work as a change manager, leadership and team coach, and applies it to conflict resolution and personal development. Hilary has survived cancer, twice, as well as the death of her husband. The Enneagram was enormously useful in providing the growth and knowledge in negotiating these major life transitions. Since realising the role all nine Enneagram domains play in our lives, she has developed a process for successfully using them in significant life decisions and major life issues.

Lesley McPherson

Counsellor & Gestalt Psychotherapist at ‘Lesley McPherson Counselling and Gestalt Therapy’
location of Speaker FlagAustralia

Lesley McPherson (Accredited Teacher in the Narrative Tradition and IEA Professional Member) is a Master in Gestalt Therapy. She has completed Parts 1, 2, 3 and Psychic Structures with Riso Hudson and is an on-going student with Claudio Naranjo's SAT program. Lesley has gained Enneagram accreditations with Ginger Lapid-Bogda, and Margaret Smith and has trained with many international Enneagram leaders, including Peter O’Hanrahan and others. She has presented at two IEA Conferences in the USA, and three Gestalt Conferences in Australia. She is a therapist in private practice. She teaches the Enneagram in local community colleges, business and ‘not for profit' organizations. Lesley has also survived cancer twice, and has had to cope with the death of her husband while she was still in the midst of a gruelling schedule of chemotherapy. It was during one of her many stays in hospital (and in ICU) that Hilary and Lesley developed this framework for working with all nine domains.

Choreographing Our Lives: Mindfully Addressing Life’s Core Challenges

Our greatest masterpiece is our life! Yet how can we make our life’s choices conscious and authentic? Passion and purpose are exciting. Yet we also experience times of dissatisfaction, exhaustion, impotence and lack of clarity. Life has its ‘messy bits’! This session will allow you to focus on one major challenge or decision, that ‘sits heavily’ on you, and needs resolution. Our process will assist you to examine it from all nine Enneagram domains, so you can reach a much enriched conclusion. Freed from this weight, your life will be less cluttered and more joyful.

Speaker Profile Pic

Ingrid Hurwitz

Organisational and Leadership Development Facilitator
location of Speaker FlagSouth Africa

Ingrid Hurwitz has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Literature, and Postgraduate degrees in Literature (Hons, WITS, 1997), Development Studies (MA, Wits, 2014) and Writing (MA, Wits, 2012). She has 18 years of corporate experience and has worked in the fields of Transformation and Sustainability, Learning, Organisational Development and Leadership Development. Having been drawn to the Enneagram, she recognises its immense potential as a perennial source of support, healing and change for individuals and organisations that have the potential to reshape a world in crisis.

The Enneagram and the Cultivation of the Inner Witness. A Comparative Perspective

This topic will explore concepts and pathways towards the cultivation of the inner observer in the 4th Way, Contemplative Christian, Buddhist and Sufi paradigms. It will explore what each system or tradition offers in terms of defining the value of inner witnessing, a look at the stages of development in cultivating this form of consciousness, and a look at the "how" (the prescribed and suggested practices within each system).

Speaker Profile Pic

Karl Hebenstreit

Organization and Leadership Development practitioner
location of Speaker FlagUnited State of America

Karl’s 20+ year career spans the areas of HR and OD in the biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, professional services, high-tech, and real estate services industries, having worked at Merck, Bellcore, AT&T, Lee Hecht Harrison, Cushman & Wakefield, Kaiser Permanente, EMC², Bio-Rad Laboratories, and, currently at Genentech as a Principal Organization Development Partner. His clients range from individual contributors to SVPs being coached in interpersonal effectiveness/EQ, strategic thinking, professional growth/development, team-building, and new leadership role integration. His PhD is in Organizational Psychology from CSPP and his MS is in HR Management from Rutgers. Check out his book, The How and Why: Taking Care of Business with the Enneagram.

When 360-Degrees of Feedback are not enough – or just too much! 360s, Org Culture, and Executive Presence

360-degree feedback is a widely-used process designed to help people identify the development areas of which they may be unaware. In this highly-interactive session, we will draw from the collective expertise of the coach participants to identify their best practices and biggest challenges in this realm. We will then identify how we can use the Enneagram with clients who have taken the LCP to help them identify the clearest, most impactful path for their development and success in their organizations, based on their Enneagram strengths and the expectations of the organizations in which they work.

Speaker Profile Pic

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini / Enneagram Egypt Founder and Director
location of Speaker FlagEgypt

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini is an IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional, the founder of the “Awaken through Enneagram” IEA Accredited Training Program, the cofounder of the “School of Conscious Living – Middle east” with Dr. Deborah Ooten, and founder of “Enneagram Egypt” an IEA accredited school located in Cairo, Egypt. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Technology management. He is also an NLP Master, a Reiki Master, and a certified Life Coach.


Understanding the Essential Qualities and the Levels of Development of the self through the Sufi attributes of the Divine

The 9 Enneagram types can be understood as qualities of human consciousness reflecting nine sets of divine attributes and qualities and manifesting them in the world. Studying the correlation between the Sufi 99 names of Allah and the 9 Enneagram types, this presentation sheds deeper and more profound light on the source of the essential qualities, the deeper meanings and drives behind the types, and how understanding this connection between types and divine attributes provides a map for psychological growth and spiritual elevation.

Speaker Profile Pic

Dr Lee Kingma

Leadership and Executive Coach
location of Speaker FlagSouth Africa

As a ‘Pracademic’ in having researched and taught human behavioural models and theories, Lee has many years of experience in guiding people to overcome obstacles. She holds doctoral degree in HRM – the topic of her thesis was Utilising the Enneagram as a model for resolving conflict in the workplace. As an ICF PCC coach she works with teams, emerging leaders and senior executives. As former HR executive at a publishing house for 13 years, she has coached and mentored employees and understands the complexity of managing a career successfully within the challenges of corporate environment. During the last 2 years she has facilitated Enneagram retreats and workshops in South Africa, the Netherlands, France and Thailand and established her own thriving coaching practice, using the Enneagram as the foundation model (

Fear Factor and the Enneagram - the brain's response to threat and the coping mechanisms of each Type

Fear can either motivate us to achieve or numb us to a vegetative state. Fear brings out a deep and immediate reaction - the fight, freeze or flight syndrome. This is most evident in fear induced situations when people either respond positively or narcoticize and even collapse. In our current world which is changing so rapidly, the emergence of new generations and the fierce global economic pressures, it is essential for leaders and coaches to find innovative ways of supporting people to understand their fear triggers and find effective ways to manage their adrenaline. In this session, Lee will draw on her experience of working within a vast and diverse client-base and share her findings from monitoring their responses to fear and anxiety.

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Leisha Naidoo

Founder at Injabulo: Home Grown Learning and Development Solutions
location of Speaker FlagSouth Africa

I am characterised by a deep hunger for people empowerment, grounded by a passion for influence in the alignment of development objectives with resultant impact on the bottom line. I am often found motivating individuals, either by one on one consult or group workshops and seeking betterment in process with cost effectiveness and performance maximization at the heart of my decisions.

Journey to the centre of YOUR earth - Team building and the Enneagram, done differently

The journey of Leadership is not mutually exclusive to the journey of the centre of self. Given the depth of the Enneagram, the true gift can often be missed by a client whom is not intellectually present during a debrief. This workshop will outline a practical case study that was born out of debriefs of over 200 assessments. We approach the session through the lens of the thinking, feeling and action centres, prior to briefing in the 9 types. The virtues and vices of each centre are challenged and triggered in an immersive experience. We then unpack each of the behavioural shifts that occur.

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Linda d'Holt-Hackner

Brand Experience Director
location of Speaker FlagSouth Africa

Linda d'Holt-Hackner is the Experience Design Director of The Touch Company. I am focused on working with, and developing, high performance teams to create staff, client and guest experiences that are exceptional and rewarding. Through the discipline and integrity of the Hosting Paradigm I support teams to create brand experiences and norms that delight customers and foster authentic relationships. Over twenty years I have worked with teams in hospitality, with forays into local government and the corporate realm. The enneagram has enriched my practise and deepened insights into my own gifts and challenges and those of the amazing individuals and teams that I work with. Amongst my clients, Babylonstoren, Steenberg, Fairview, Luke-Dale Roberts Group, One&Only CT and many more.

The Art and Science of Dynamic Hosting- Developing a Powerful Practise

This fascinating workshop uses the prism and cultural construct of hosting to reflect how Dynamic Hosting richly rewards the brain and inhibits threat activation for all parties. As well as physically exploring hosting practices and tenets in the session participants will examine their expectations layered through their enneagram, type, subtype as well as their familial and cultural codes. This practical focus on the art and the science of Hosting, will support participants to take responsibility for their experiences both at work and at home.

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Marlene de Lange

Director of Grow Consulting
location of Speaker FlagSouth Africa

Marlene de Lange is a Director of Grow Consulting, a leading provider of personal and interpersonal capacity building. She partners with leading companies to deliver measurable people development through the design and delivery of customised capacity building solutions. She is a registered psychologist with experience in people development, capacity building and facilitation. Her areas of specialisation include personal leadership, emotional intelligence, interpersonal leadership and potential actualisation. She has worked extensively with individuals and groups to support their processes of personal, interpersonal and organisational development.

The conscious practice of leadership using the Enneagram and The Leadership Circle

Having spent considerable time recently engaging in leadership development work using both the Enneagram and the Leadership Circle tool, Marlene will facilitate a very practical session where delegates use case studies and games to discover the wisdom of working with both tools. Delegates will learn how combining the two frameworks really helps leaders to do the inner and external work of conscious leadership, and provides a rich conceptual framework to understand what conscious leadership is all about. Whether delegates use both tools or not, the session will be valuable to land the robust leadership framework that emerges when working with these two tools on leadership development challenges.

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Monika Steimle

Executive Coach and Purpose Guide
location of Speaker FlagGermany

Monika Steimle is an Executive Coach and Purpose Guide for leaders who want to lead with purpose and foster innovative and agile business cultures. As the first certified True Purpose® Coach based in Germany, she is guiding leaders and organizations in Europe and Asia to finding their purpose and the unique transformational impact only they can have. She then helps individual leaders and organizations to lead with their purpose from the inside out.

Before starting her own consulting practice, Monika was a human resources and organizational development leader in a leading digital transformation agency, Publicis.Sapient. She worked across three continents, partnered with business leaders in Europe, North America and Asia to build high performing, values-led leadership teams.

Monika Steimle, holds a degree in business, is accredited Barrett Cultural Transformation tools practitioner as well as a certified Enneagram coach. She is also one of the first certified SIX ‘I’®s of Innovation Practitioners. Her belief is that purpose-driven leadership is paramount in our times of digital transformation, rapid exponential change and the shift to New Work values.

Purpose Pathfinder Enneagram

An interactive workshop to guide participants on how their Enneagram Type can be a pathway to discovering their higher purpose. By reflecting on your types core structures, virtues and holy ideas, we will follow a simple structure to collect clues and insights for your life’s purpose.

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Natacha Ciezkowski

Professional Certified Coach & Trainer at My Couch, Training & Coaching Square and Ithaka
location of Speaker FlagBelgium

Natacha is a passionate coach and trainer. Her mission is to accompany people to (re)discover their true core - their real, authentic self. Her belief: the more people get in touch with their individual purpose, desires and potential, the more they can thrive on their life path. Natacha is a Master in Communication Sciences and trained in Enneagram, NLP, Systemics and several other fields including identity, leadership and team coaching. She started her career in research and communication strategy and has 20 years of experience as a creative writer and entrepreneur. Natacha is a creativity, inspiration and motivation booster and loves to combine the Enneagram and NLP to create new tools for personal development.

Kick-starting the mind, heart and body for growth: visualizing and programming for personal Type development

Often, we are not aware of our resistance to change, hiding behind very clever diversionary tactics and resourceful excuses. How can we reassure our unconscious mind that breaking the paradoxes we live in will enable us to thrive? How can we prepare ourselves for the road ahead?

This workshop offers an Enneagram-experience based on Neuro Linguistic Programming. Delegates will have an opportunity to feel the effect of visualization and language as a means to kick-starting their mind, heart and body for growth.

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Nina Karlsson

Energy Coach (PCC), Leadership Consultant
location of Speaker FlagFinland

PCC, Energy Coach, Leadership Consultant, Co-Founder of Energy Coaching Ltd, Certified Business Coach Master, Trainer of Coaching skills, Certified EnneaTrainer, ETNT teacher and Illustrator & Graphic Facilitator, MSc (Econ), BA (Art Education), BSc (Hotel & Restaurant Mgmt)

My work experience journey includes over 20 years of leadership, human relations management and culture development in various business fields such as IT, HR, marketing and hotel and restaurant businesses. Supporting leaders and experts to their reach goals and succeed has been close to my heart throughout my work history.

Clients say that I have an inspiring, positive energy and with my visual toolkit I also have made the events memorable. My passion is to make this work life more inspiring, meaningful and help everyone to find their passion in line with the organizational goals. I love to increase the energy and impact of expert organizations. Smiling faces and outdoor sports give me energy to achieve that.

Photos: Anna Dammert

Heli Backman

Energy Coach (PCC), Leadership Consultant
location of Speaker FlagFinland

PCC, Energy Coach, Leadership Consultant, Co-Founder of Energy Coaching Ltd,
President of ICF Finland, Certified EnneaTrainer, LLM Master of Laws, Qualified Teacher

I support leaders and experts to create clarity, focus and energy in themselves, in their work, teams and organizations. My passion is to help leaders succeed through their own growth and insights and by renewing their systemic practices.

I have combined business, business law, teaching, coaching and leadership for over 20 years. I have worked in legal corporate functions in big ICT and Technology corporations, been a member of many leadership teams in international context, acted as a commercial director in a data driven businesses unit in a publicly listed company and acted as a leadership consultant, trainer and a coach.

In my free-time I love to jog, read and listen to the music. As a person, I am energetic and get easily carried away with new ideas and initiatives. My clients and colleagues often comment that I am a combination of sharp mind and empathic and curious heart.

Clarity Focus Energy® and Coaching

We will explore the Clarity Focus Energy® model from the coaches’ perspective. It is important for coaches, as is for leaders, to understand what clarity is for them, where their focus naturally goes and how they channel and optimize energy. We will use the Enneagram types as a baseline and explore together how all three elements – Clarity, Focus and Energy can be optimized in a coaching relationship. Discussions in the workshop will be summarized by digital illustration. Participants will get the visualized summary and practical tips for their coaching work as a takeaway.

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Savannah Steinberg

Founding Director of Star Leadership, Facilitator and Coach
location of Speaker FlagSouth Africa

Savannah is the founding director of STAR Leadership (Pty) Ltd and has 14 years’ experience in coach training internationally and locally. Savannah is a professional Executive and Leadership Coach, and facilitator in leadership, coaching and organisational learning and development.

She is accredited as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the ICF, and Master Coach and Evaluator for COMENSA. Is a Licensed Practitioner for the Science of Happiness at Work, Integrative Enneagram Solutions, and Barrett Cultural Transformation and can do organizational assessments in all. She is faculty for Executive Education at Wits Business School facilitating leadership development, personal mastery and systems thinking modules, holds a Masters Degree in Business and Executive, and is currently working towards a doctorate in applied leadership.

Creating a well-being economy

We live in a world where we are heading for a major crash. The way we currently operate is unsustainable, and we can call it ‘the Growth Economy’. This is about anything that will increase GDP, and whilst this has been a huge influence in the advancements we have seen today, there is a side effect which is catching up to us faster than we even know. There is a new model, one that speaks to sufficiency and contribution, one we can call the Well-being Economy, that focuses on well-being. To do this, requires a revolution in consciousness.

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Susanne Povelsen

Professional Coach & Enneagram Trainer
location of Speaker FlagDenmark

Susanne is a certified Coach, Enneagram trainer, iEQ Facilitator & Teacher, Psychotherapist, NLP-master and Couple Facilitator. She has 20 years of experience with personal development work, authored an Enneagram book and was the co-editor of “The Wisdom of the Enneagram” and “Bringing out the Best in Yourself”, both in Danish. Susanne is the former board member of the IEA Global Board (2010 -2014).

Coaching with the Enneagram - using the Enneagram to liberate your type

How do we best coach our clients using the Enneagram for personal development? This presentation aims to inspire you in the practical application of the Enneagram in your coaching work with individuals. Susanne will present a coaching sequence developed to help your clients on their developmental journeys towards creating greater awareness around their type. The session will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss together how the Enneagram is best used to help their clients grow and change. If you are already a coach or therapist working with clients and using the Enneagram, this workshop will inspire you to do so with more depth and with greater awareness.

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Tracy Tresidder

Coach & Motivational Speaker
location of Speaker FlagAustralia

Tracy Tresidder is a coach, author, lecturer, speaker, mentor and the International Coach Federation Australasian 2009 Coach of the Year. She has a Masters degree in Education, is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), a Certified Parent & Teen Coach, a certified Enneagram Teacher from the Palmer/Daniels school, an IEA Accredited Teacher and accredited in the IEQ9 Assessment tool. Tracy works with executives & corporates, parents and teenagers to develop better communication and relationship skills. She also conducts Enneagram workshops, tele classes and works with parents and teens to develop mutually loving and respectful relationships through deeper understanding of the Enneagram. She is co-author of “Knowing me, Knowing them; Understand your parenting personality by discovering the Enneagram”. Tracy is dedicated to assisting people to lead a more conscious life through deeper understanding of the Enneagram.

Conscious Parenting: How each of the 9 types can deepen & transform their connection with their children and support them in flourishing

Conscious parenting involves being able to understand yourself in a deeper way and being able to identify your own emotional triggers. During this workshop, you will discover how to recognize your greatest parenting strengths and weaknesses and how to free yourself to become a true guide and coach to your child. Participants will be actively engaged in Enneagram Type based activities that can be used in a practical way on their parenting journey.

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Veronique Bouronikou

Coach, Trainer & Human Resources Counsellor
location of Speaker FlagSwitzerland

Human capital management, focusing on the needs and the development of appropriate solutions to encourage the development of human potential to serve the vision and actions in business. As a trainer, university lecturer and certified Coach (ICF PCC) with a strong background in human resources, I combine academic teaching with the principles of human factors and coaching. Having specialized in intrinsic motivation and behavioral analysis, I am convinced that every individual has his/her place in business and not just a place on a chart. I have a wide knowledge of methodology and philosophy of the coaching skills. Today my main focus is to accompany people without diploma in their Career Development. Trainer & Mentor for “Coaching Ways” ACTP ICF Training Coaching Program.

A Human Journey through the Dervish Tales

Every night, my daughter would listen to me with fascination as I told her one of the Dervish tales. What we felt and experienced during this special time was the pleasure of escaping the real world and entering another world, through the musicality of the words, through the images and through the power of the story. What could be more beautiful than to have discovered the Dervish tales through a storyteller? Their impact was immediate in terms of spirit, sophistication, irony, piquancy and common-sense. This experience guided me to immerse myself in these tales with the heart and experience of a novice. I believe that these teaching-tales could become a permanent part of our life experience, and our spiritual and human development.